Mckay Otto

Turning Your Back on Real Estate,

Becoming a Light and Space Painter from One of the

Most Breathtaking Places in the Texas Hill Country


Episode 1

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Travis Weaver

Changing Your Stars — from Zephyr, Texas

Selling Candles Door to Door to a Wildly Successful Retail Brand

and Store Forged Upon the Rugged Beauty of American Hand-Made


Epidode 2

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Joyce Echols

A Little Girl Dreamed of Fairy-Tale Shoes,

Now She Is Designing and Building a Shoe  Empire —

Meet the Next Christian Louboutin


Episode 3

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Roger Woolsey

From a Kid on Welfare Growing Up in Arkansas to a

King of Aviation With Fixed-Based Operation Airports Around the World,

A Fleet of Jets, and Life-Saving Medical Flights to Rescue Organs


Episode 4

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Pura Vida

Stewart Skloss & Billy Gibbons –

The Frontman for One of America’s Greatest Rock ‘n Roll Bands Partners Up with a Pal

to Enter a New Business Venture — Take a Shot of This Tequila


 Episode 5

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Round Top, Texas

Round Top, Texas, with a population of 90, used the concept of

antiques to create jobs, prosperity, and a strong sense of community, all the

while preserving the past and celebrating the rolling beauty of the rural countryside.


 Episode 6

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Robin Leach

The Grand Finale of Creators and Collectors TV, Season One
The Man Who Made “Champagne Wishes, Caviar Dreams,” the mantra of America’s aspirational
1980s, Tells All About the World’s Most Iconic — and Influential — Reality TV Show

 Episode 7